Kick Your Pasta Dishes Up a Notch With Fresh Scallops

The kitchen is a place for experimentation and exploration, and any person with a curious pallet will try to interpret their favorite dishes with new twists and variations. Take pasta, for example: this staple food item has been invented and reinvented ad nauseum, and, though some classic recipes never really get old, it’s always a good idea to add new ingredients to the line up and experience new flavors. A winning combo: scallops and pasta.

Scallops are an exceptional food source, and have so many ideal characteristics that they are just too good to pass up. In addition to having some of the most impressive nutritional properties (they are high in proteins, low in fats, and even have a considerable potassium level), scallops are unbeatable in flavor and texture. Of all the many kinds of mollusks in the sea, the scallop is without a doubt the most highly appraised-the mere elegance of its shell, with its perfect symmetry, is a clear sign of its superiority in relation to the other members of its family. Considering the robust flavor and excellent texture of this delicacy, scallops and pasta will always be a dynamic duo.

As far as scallops are concerned, there is no better alternative than large Alaska scallops: they are not only more flavorful, but they are larger and also have superior nutritional properties. Whatever the case, if you can get your hand on some, your scallops and pasta dishes will be unbeatable.

As far as actually preparing such dishes goes, there are a few options. You can cook the scallops separately and then add them to a completed pasta dish (recommended for those that are not familiar or experienced in cooking scallops, which require a somewhat delicate treatment), or you can cook them in a sauce or sauté to which cooked pasta will be incorporated (recommended for people with a little more experience in the kitchen, and with this ingredient in particular).

An exceptional scallops and pasta dish will always result in scallops that remain tender and juicy, never dry and rubbery-that is the antithesis of what they should be!

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